Week One

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Read Huber Ch 1 & 2. Pick out 1 favorite CD and bring it to class (on iPod is OK). Before class, note who held jobs listed on pages 17-19 of assigned reading (especially the producer, recording engineer and mastering engineer). Search online for at least 3 other projects credited to each person and post your findings here. In addition, write a brief reaction to your findings. Were there any surprises in the lists? Are there other artists that you might check out as a result of this? [minimum 100 words]


Artist: Anberlin
Album: New Surrender

Producer: Neal Avron, who has also produced Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, and
Good Charlotte.

Recording Engineer: Erich Talaba, who also engineered Fall Out Boy, contributed
to The Nightmare Before Christmas, and contributed to Linkin Park.

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen, who has also served as the mastering engineer
for Norah Jones, Metallica, and Nickelback.

I was very surprised to see how many artists that Ted Jensen has worked with, because most of them are my preferred artists. It was interesting to see his name associate with so many diverse and successful artists. I am also going to listen to Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, and Good Charlotte in hopes that Neal Avron has produced these artists at the same quality with which he produced Anberlin.

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