Week Five

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30 second software instrument demo. Using only your assigned instrument, compose a 30 piece that shows off the capabilities of this software instrument. You may use multiple instances of the instrument on multiple tracks, MIDI arranging tools, audio recording and editing, as well as other tools you have learned. The primary restriction is that you can only use sound material produced by the software instrument you have been assigned.

Write a 100 word reaction to completing the project. What strengths and weakness does the instrument have? Did the characteristics of the instrument effect your composition in any way?


My instrument was a synthesized Bass Guitar. This instrument has very strong, low-end frequency response (hence the name) and very little high-end frequency response. This is probably one of the instrument's greatest "weaknesses," but it is an acceptable one since the Bass is not intended for high-frequency output. It is also difficult to play Bass guitar on a keyboard, which is a weakness of the MIDI controller that I used.

When I composed with this instrument, I had to focus on the rhythm aspect of studio production. I did not produce complex chords using counterpoint (because this would be too tedious). Instead I recorded an initial bass line to establish the roots of the chords I used. After this, I added an additional bass line to create a melody and add musicality to this rhythm-based track.

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