Summer Love - March 20th, 2009

This recording is a "rough sketch" of Summer Love, one of the songs that I will present for my final project. It is an original song that I performed using my Eastman acoustic electric guitar. I used the two Neumann condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration in order to produce a good stereo session of both pieces. I decided to place these in front of the lower f-hole of my guitar, which produced a fairly rich sound on two different channels. I then panned the two channels left and right in the mix.

I had to increase the gain on both channels and put a limiter on the main mix in order get a good output level. Then I had to equalize the recording in order to produce a bright and full sound. Although I originally recorded the song with the same X/Y microphone configuration that I had used for Peach Tree Street, I decided to mute the left channel and double the right channel, which I then added a 30-millisecond delay to. I panned the new channel to the left in order to re-create simulate a stereo environment.

Next, I plan on rerecording the song in order to produce a better recording of the guitar. I am also thinking about adding a rhythm guitar to the background, which would simply strum the chords I am already arpeggiating.

  • click here to listen to this recording of Summer Love.
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