Peach Tree Street - March 23rd, 2009

I re-recorded Peach Tree Street after my Recording Techniques class critiqued my initial recording. My professor, Dr. Nathan Wolek, advised me to record the song twice in mono with a click track (rather than recording the song once in stereo, like I did before).

Because the song is so hard to perform, I had to record the intro first and then record the rest of the song. I decided to follow Dr. Wolek's advice and record everything twice. Once I had doubled the song in this way, I mixed the two different recordings together and panned them left and right to create a stereo recording. Basically, you will hear two different guitars playing at once (one guitar in the left channel, one guitar in the right).

After the initial recording process, I trimmed up the song and Equalized the four different tracks separately. In order to get the levels right I had to add gain and compression to each track, as well as a limiter to the main output (which I then automated in order to fine tune any peaks in the recording). The only problem was that the two different guitar recordings that I mixed together to create the intro got off from each other near the end of the intro.

Next, however, I plan on adding a melody line to the intro of the song using a clean electric guitar and an E-Bow.

  • Click here to listen to this recording of Peach Tree Street.
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