Journal - March 30th, 2009

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Today, I planned on adding my electric guitar to Peach Tree Street. I wanted to use my Gibson SG Special and run it through my VHT Pitbull. I wanted to mike it using an SM-57 microphone placed close to the amplifier, as well as the Neumann Condenser microphone placed two feet away from the amp.

However, I was not well prepared for this recording session because I was not sure what I would add to the piece, and so I spent most of my studio time just trying to come up with musical ideas to complement what already existed. I finally decided to continue with adding a clean guitar to the intro of the song, which was manipulated using an E-Bow (an electromagnetic device that vibrates the guitar's strings). What I produced was, by no means, a final product. However, it has served as a rough idea of a musical innovation. I may or may not stick with it.

After recording and equalizing the clean electric guitar, I added a strong reverb and gain to it. I also had to equalize the two rhythm guitar tracks again, because there was an overpowering low-end frequency around 200kH range. Taking this frequency out produced a brighter sound and added definition, but it also took away from the low end of the guitar (which I had balanced quite nicely). I plan on adding a bass to the piece in order to change this.

At the end of the song, the microphone picked up the click track, so I had to stop the guitar from resonating. Next, though, I plan on recording several sessions of Peach Tree Street which I hope to add in to areas of the recording that need to be fixed.

  • Click here here to listen to this recording of Peach Tree Street.
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