Journal - March 23rd, 2009

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Today, I planned on re-recording my song Peach Tree Street after having had my class peer-revue my initial recording. My professor advised me to record the song twice in mono with a click track rather than stereo miking my guitar and recording the song once.

My original plan was to perform and record the entire song twice using Logic Pro, however the intro proved too difficult to perform perfectly (and when I did, I would usually mess up somewhere later in the song and have to start all over). So instead, I recorded the intro and then the rest of the song - twice. After doubling both the intro and the rest of the song in this way, I panned both pairs of recordings left and right to create a stereo mix.

After the initial recording process, I trimmed up the song and Equalized the four different tracks separately. In order to get the levels right I had to add gain and compression to each track, as well as a limiter to the main output (which I then automated in order to fine tune any peaks in the recording).

Next, I plan on adding a melody line to the intro of the song using a clean electric guitar and an E-Bow.

  • Click here to listen to this recording of Peach Tree Street.
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