Journal - March 20th, 2009

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Today, I wanted to record a "rough sketch" of the two songs that I will present for my final project. They are both original songs that I had planned on performing using my Eastman acoustic electric guitar. I had hoped to use the two Neumann condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration in order to produce a good stereo session of both pieces. I wanted to place these in front of the lower f-hole of my guitar, which produced a fairly rich sound on two different channels. I planned on panning the two channels into two separate left and right outputs.

For the first song, Peach Tree Street, I used EQ to roll of some of the lows from the guitar and brighten up the tone. After that, I panned the two channels left and right, added reverb two the left channel, and added a 17.7 millisecond digital delay to the right channel. I then put a limiter on the main mix and bounced the file to an MP3.

Next, I plan recording two mono tracks for the intro of the song and two mono tracks for the rest of the song, then panning both pairs in the left and right output to produce a better stereo recording.

  • click here to listen to this recording of Peach Tree Street.

For the second song, Summer Love, I had to increase the gain on both channels and put a limiter on the main mix in order get a good output level. Then I had to EQ the recording in order to produce a bright and full sound. Although I originally recorded the song with the same X/Y microphone configuration that I had used for Peach Tree Street, I instead muted the left channel, doubled the right channel, and put about a 30 millisecond delay on the duplicated channel. I then panned the new channel back to the left in order to re-create the stereo environment.

Next, I plan on rerecording the song just to produce a better recording of the guitar.

  • click here to listen to this recording of Summer Love.
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