Journal - April 30th, 2009

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Today, I decided to take out the spacey guitar intro. I realized that I simply did not have enough time to do this kind of an intro properly. I also decided that the MIDI drums I had added were too distracting, so I chose to remove them from the song.

I added a MIDI recording of strings to the intro. I chose to add these bright instruments in order to contrast the dark tone of the guitar. Then I remixed the bells, which sounded like they were close to the listening audience (just like the strings and the guitar). But, after having my class critique the piece, I added reverb to the bells and lowered their levels to make them appear farther away from in the mix. By doing this, the bells do not compete with any other elements of the music.

I also changed the fade out so that the arpeggiating guitar fades in sooner and fades out later.

  • Click here to listen to my final recording of Summer Love.

I also added a low string bass to the rhythm guitar of Peach Tree Street at the end of the song's intro. I am not happy with the way that it sound; the strings are too loud in comparison with everything else.

Next, I am going to lower the volume of the string bass and add reverb to it to try and make it sound farther away from the listening audience. I also plan on lightly harmonizing it.

  • Click here to listen to this recording of Peach Tree Street.
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